The first photo is only a cell phone photo but it is of this photographer.  I not only photo bodybuilders and competitive athletes, I am one and have the trophies to prove it.  I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk.  It gives me insight into what it takes to compete.  I call the next shot "Digging Deep" because it represents how there are times we have to dig deep inside to drag our tails out of bed on a rainy morning and head to the gym for cardio or turn down that pizza or beer when everyone else doesn't.  But we get a result represented by the next photo, called "The Emerger."   I dropped 50 pounds to go from the large former body represented by the large shadow and emerge from it with the new, fit body.   This is what I mean by saying my work has another layer of meaning.   Think some fat, out of shape gwc, guy with a camera, can relate, understand and have the skills to create images like this.  No they'll give you the same old cliched crap.  The rear lat spread is called " Four V's" inspired by his V taper and competitors will find all 4 v's, for the last , think Christmas.   The next shot was taken between the Capital City body Building Competition morning and afternoon shows  in front of the CA State Capital.   I'll bet of the 100 competitors, none have a shot in front of the Capital the show is named after.   Saturday afternoon has wedding parties photoing and there were several annoyed grooms after their brides wanted a photo with him and some left with Protan on their gowns.  The bodybuilder ate it up and he thanked me for the idea of shooting there and  told everone at the evening show.   I provide an experience, not just photos and it's one I'm sure he's still talking about.  The boxer was hit so hard his pupil was just a slit. The fisheye shot is called "You're about to get your ass whipped old man"  because it is what I saw a few minutes after I told those exact words to a guy with a belt that says welter weigh champion of the world.  The ring and ceiling were distorted spinning and blood was flowing from my nose.  The speed boat is racing off Clearwater beach and had a couple of finned spectators that got a bit close to the action.  

I would love to provide you with photos that document your achievement and what it meant to you specifically.   After all your sacrifice and work, you deserve to record that physique and display it in your home or at work to be able to see it and be inspired for your next goal or inspire others.  We all know, like that emerged insect, the peak is short lived and if you fail to capture it, it's gone.   You have enjoyed watching it all come together the last couple of months,   Get it on your wall.    MIne will be a 24 x 36 print.  Remember, you can't reshoot in 2 months, so don't trust it to someone who can't deliver fantastic shots.   You have worked too hard  and spent too much time and  money to entrust those shots to anyone but a master photographer.    And someone who actually understands because he has lived it.   Athletes have a common thread, an intensity and  the desire to excel and I love to capture that for all sports.