Bob Bill Photography

I will provide you unique images because they are inspired by you and come from my heart.   Images you probably have never seen before.   Images that are more than mere recognizable photos.  Images that speak. 

 As in the examples below, whether it be capturing your trademark mohawk and stunning guitar neck where the magic is made,  modern laser light reflection in the glasses of an 18th century St. Nick with feet in two centuries and wonderment and joy on his face,  pushing through the exhaustion with everything a blur and only the thought is to keep your legs turning after racing your bike 70 miles,  not being able to quite see your dream man's face in your dreams, a unique fisheye shot that emphasizes your six shooters  with circles within circles, a fine art headshot that is flattering and exudes confidence and approachablilty or one that dreamily captures your beauty, the story is inspired by the subjects.  

Let me tell your story.   

With me, you get more than a photographer, ie, a guy with a camera, or even just mastery of the craft or creativity.   I provide custom, personalized service from an initial consultation where the concept or purpose of the shot is the starting point, to preparing you for a shoot that you will enjoy, to executing it flawlessly for an image you actually like, to guiding you in the selection of appropriate professional products and how and where to display them.  Everyone deserves an image they love and can proudly display and share with friends and family.   One that captures those precious, fleeting moments for which good enough isn't good enough.