How should someone who is not a photographer select a photographer?  Perhaps look to someone recognized as a excellent photographer by other professional photographers?  I have been appointed the head of the Professional Photographer's of America mentor program in northern California to train other pros.  I have both won and judged professional competitions.  Don't you want a photographer who has more than the minimum skills and will only give you a recognizable image?  Many call themselves "artists."   Art is not simply blurring, tilting or altering colors.  It has something to say that comes from the heart. 

 My logo represents what I do. On one level, there is a sharp, easily recognizable image, but, another layer of meaning exists  that is inspired by you, like the second less obvious letter my the logo.   Like my photos, that are not just pretty, recognizable images it is  not just a flowery, meaningless logo. 

 My degree is in literature, creative writing and psychology.  My background is in painting.  All these enable me to draw from this knowledge to  produce an image individually inspired by you, unique to you.  Not a cliched, cookie cutter image like a year book photo.  Cartier-Bresson said a good photo occurs when the eye, the mind and the heart come together.  My eye is trained to create technically perfect images, I have ribbons to prove it.  Have you ever said "I don't photograph well?"   Acually, that's not true,  it is because of lack of skills or effort that your prior photographer didn't PHOTOGRAPH you well.  It takes years to master the camera, lighting and posing techniques .  It helps to have the equipment and know how and when to use it.   I had one of the best equipped studios in northern California before relocating to Florida.                                     

My mind creates shots that have never been seen or would never have been seen but for my being inspired by my subject,  like the shot with the guns.  My heart puts me in the moment with my subject, allowing me to capture what YOU are experiencing or your essence, not just a recognizable image.  I have even had and unborn child inspire his first photo.   With me, you don't just get a guy with a camera but you get his heart as well.  A boy who had months to live inspired me to create and capture him pinning on perhaps the first and last gift he had earned for his mother.  The photo brought tears to her eyes and to many others since.   It was on his coffin 3 months later.   But for my creativity, it never would have existed. 

A photograph in which you are merely recognizable may be good enough.  But why not have more, an image with meaning and heart that you are proud to display and will be a treasured legacy.